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Information to help Sovereign Bank customers service their auto loans with Santander Consumer USA.

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Every customer with Santander Consumer USA has a simple interest loan. Learn how a simple interest loan works and how we calculate your monthly payment by watching this short, but informative video about our loans.

Our customers are as different as the cars they drive. That's why we provide choices and tools to manage your account the way you want. From paperless statements to mobile payment reminders, you're driving.

Finance more customers with our full-spectrum programs. We cover all CREDIT tiers and fund deals consistently and quickly. We also have a leads program that will drive incremental business to your store.


For more than 10 years, Drive’s program has been a lending solution for special finance.


A lead and direct lending program that brings dealers and customers together.

Santander Auto Finance®

Our new near-prime auto finance product, available to select dealers with nationwide expansion coming later this year.